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As a worldwide leader of children’s ministry, Awana walks alongside tens of thousands of churches like yours to help raise children and youth who know, love and serve Christ. With a flexible, dynamic program experience firmly rooted in the gospel, we can help you evangelize and disciple the next generation of your church body.

Everyone from ages 2-18 hears the gospel in age-appropriate ways.

Handbooks, handbook music and Bible studies cover the entire Bible to teach respect, wisdom, grace, destiny and perspective and to help children and youth grow in their relationship with Christ.

Unique uniforms and award systems give children and youth a sense of belonging and are designed specifically with the ages and interests of clubbers in mind.

Awards encourage clubbers to continue on the path of spiritual growth and let them know you’re proud of them.

When you have Awana Clubs at your church, we're by your side to help you every step of the way. These resources get you prepared to lead your students and teach them weekly lessons.
Promotion - Let your congregation know about your Awana ministry with these eye-catching materials. The promo kit (pictured) includes an outdoor sign, banner, posters, door hangers, and more.
Fun Games Keep Kids Coming Back - If the gospel is the cake, Game Time is the icing that draws kids to Awana Clubs. Pure fun has attracted children and youth to Awana for more than 60 years and encouraged them to bring their friends.